Resource Centre


The following services are available at the Resource Centre / Student Office:

  • Resource library 

  • Textbook repository

  •  Multimedia equipment 

  • Purchase of your stationery and homework books

  • Sick bay / First Aid area

  • Lost and found property

  • Miscellaneous forms (e.g. Permanent Lunch Passes, Bus Forms, etc)

  • Payment and issue of Fitness Centre passes

  • Pick up and collection point for school forms (e.g. permanent lunch passes, bus forms, Interest Committees, school prefects etc)

  • Drop off zone for the forgotten lunches, etc

  • Plenty of other friendly help and advice

Marlborough Girls' College Sick Bay

All students who are unwell must report to the Student Office or Sick Bay if they wish to go home. Sick Bay staff will then phone the student's approved caregiver (this is a caregiver that a parent or legal guardian has given the college to put on the student's personal file) to arrange for the student to be picked up.  It is important that this procedure is followed to ensure safety for all students.

All students are aware of Sick Bay procedure and we ask you to please support us in this matter. If a student texts or phones you please ask them to report to Sick Bay immediately.

If students are unwell - please keep them at home, this helps prevent the spread of infection!

The forms below are available from the Student Office/Resource Centre. 

  • Tracking Sheet 9 - 13
  • Lost Property Form
  • Motor Vehicle Permission Form
  • Bus Conduct Form
  • Fitness Centre Pamphlet
  • Request Student ID Card
  • Fundraising Application