Emergency Procedures

Civil Defence Emergency

Students will be held at school until the “all clear” is given.

Prefects will be stationed at the gates to direct parents, who drive to school to take their
daughters home.

On the enrolment form there is a space to nominate a person or persons whom your daughter
can be released to in the case of emergency. If you did not do so, or wish to update this
information, please ask your daughter to hand this information [in written form] to the
student office.

Please do discuss with your family what to do in the case of an emergency. It is important
that you establish a family plan that includes actions that are to be taken in the event that you
are unable to pick your daughter up following an emergency.

Read full Emergency Procedures

Support is always available through our Guidance Team for any students requiring help.

Julie Saul - Guidance Counsellor - extension 872