Guidance Network

ALL teachers are expected to be GUIDANCE TEACHERS. 

CLASSROOM TEACHERS are responsible for the guidance of all students in their particular subject class.  To guide students in their academic progress all teachers must maintain high behaviour managment standards so that the classroom is a place where students can work quietly and happily and make the best progress possible. 

WHĀNAU TEACHERS are expected to keep a general eye on the overall progress of all students in their whānau group, and in particular on important aspects of the social and emotional adjustment of each student. They are the first point of contact should any problems arise. 

For advice on academic matters, teaching material and methods as well as behaviour issues within their department, the CURRICULUM LEADER for that department should be consulted. 

YEAR LEVEL DEANS are responsible for and have oversight of all matters pertaining to their year level. They work with a member of the Leadership Team who have oversight of that year level.

HEAD OF LEVEL is a senior leadership team member (Deputy Principal) who has oversight for a specific year level group.  They provide support to the Dean for their year group.

The INTERNATIONAL DEAN is responsible for all matters pertaining to international students.  (Fee Payers and Exchange only)

The CAREERS ADVISOR assists with career planning and accepts referrals from students, parents and staff.

The GUIDANCE TEACHER assists the deans and counsellor and has oversight of attendance, truancy and alternative education. They also liaise closely with the Curriculum Leader of Learning Support.

GUIDANCE COUNSELLORS provide pastoral support to students and staff throughout the academic year.  There are two Guidance Counsellors at MGC.

DEPUTY PRINCIPAL has oversight of the guidance network, and works closely with the Guidance Counsellor who is Head of Department and manages the guidance team.

HOD GUIDANCE manages the Guidance Team of Deans, Guidance Teacher, Youth Worker and Guidance Secretary and co-ordinates their activities. They liaise with the DP with oversight of guidance and the Principal and are a member of the extended management team.