Restorative Practices

Marlborough Girls’ College believes that harmonious working relationships are integral to creating a positive social and learning environment. Restorative practices have been applied to a wide variety of events that can occur in schools, ranging from ongoing classroom disruption to incidents of serious physical, social and/or emotional harm.  Repairing relationships with those affected working out solutions together, is at the heart of Restorative Practice.  Our Restorative processes provide us with best-practice tools and techniques to foster positive connections. 

At MGC we regularly discuss the importance of positive relationships in our lives, as well as the importance of developing the social skills to enhance our relationships.
Our Student Behaviour Management at Marlborough Girls’ is based on expectations of high standards and on the Restorative Practice model.

Features of a Health Promoting School

Marlborough Girls' College strives to be a school that promotes by prioritising and valuing the following:

  • Warm, caring teachers
  • A safe supportive school environment.
  • Encouragement to participate and achieve
  • Involvement in extracurricular activities
  • The development and enhancement of thinking skills, including problem solving and seeing things from others' perspectives.
  • Positive social interactions with other people.
  • Opportunity to explore one's community and culture. 

"Schools with positive climates are places where people care, respect and trust one another, and where school organisation cares, respects and trusts people. " ( Pransky, 1991)

The Guidance Team

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