Marlborough, NZ

Marlborough has long hot summers and blue-skied winters, from alpine peaks to the Marlborough Sounds. With one of the highest sunshine hours in New Zealand, a wide range of outdoor opportunities and recreational activities, wineries offering world-class wines and gourmet food, many people to choose to live in Blenheim for the lifestyle.

One of the safest regions in New Zealand, the town of Blenheim has a population of approx. 27,000 people. The town of Blenheim is just a 20min flight away from the capital city of Wellington, and a 90min flight from Auckland or Christchurch. 

Marlborough Girls' College is situated in the centre of Blenheim - enjoying the space and proximity to town. 

Events in Marlborough 
Festivals, art displays, sporting events, cultural celebrations ... there is always something going on in Marlborough. For details, visit:

Marlborough Activities
From shopping to sailing, mountain biking to wildlife conservation, skiing to art galleries there is wide range of activities within Marlborough to take part in and make the most of the opportunities: Marlborough Activities  

Marlborough Lifestyle
The cost of living in New Zealand is similar to many other OECD countries. Unlike bigger cities, the cost of living in Blenheim is comparitively low. Here are some approximate costs.
Travel to school - Free on the school bus for those 4.8 km from the school
Big Mac - $5.20 or a Big Mac Combo - $12
Taxi fare - $20 within Blenheim 
Internet Access - $90-$100 per month 

To learn more about Blenheim and Marlborough and the opportunities that you could explore if you came to Marlborough go to the websites below:

Where is Blenheim ?

nzmapStudents can fly into Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch. A direct flight from Auckland to Blenheim takes one hour and 15 minutes.  It takes 50 minutes to fly from Christchurch to Blenheim.
You can fly from Wellington to Blenheim in 20 minutes or the ferry trip takes three hours.


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