PST Day - Juniors only (2019)

Parent–Student–Teacher (PST) Interviews - JUNIORS

During term two, all students will meet with a teacher who will help them review their learning across all subjects. The learning conversations for Junior students will occur in weeks 8-9 of term two. The focus will be on how students are going, how they know, where their strengths are and what their next steps in learning are. Students will prepare for this conversation during whānau time.

The Junior PST meeting is on 3rd July.

We would encourage you to talk with your daughter about her progress using the portal comments and their feedback and goals made during their learning conversation. This will help both of you make decisions about which appointments to make on PST day. We look forward to welcoming you to these conversations on 3rd July.

All bookings for interviews should be booked through the SOBs website.  Online bookings are available from Monday 17 June.

Instructions on how to use the SOBs website are available by clicking on the link below:

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