Marlborough Girls' College

MarPowhirilborough Girls' College is situated in the leafy, residential suburb of Blenheim - just a 10 minute walk to the town centre and our local amenities. The school has spacious, well-kept grounds and is a well-resourced with learning facilities.

The roll is just under 1,000 students and we usually welcome between 15-20 international students each year, mainly from Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Germany and Austria.This small number of international students ensures that you  have the chance to fully integrate into the school and community.


Adorn The Bird With Feathers So That It May Fly

With the necessary ‘feathers’ we are enabling ourselves and others the ability to ‘fly’. The feathers in this context can be applied to all forms of learning within the school community, not isolating it to just the classroom, the ability to fly is the success of each individual who has acquired the necessary tools to be able to excel and achieve. 

We aim to grow, challenge and enable our girls to develop the skills they need for a successful future. We support our learners to aim for excellence and achieve to their potential. Our learners are high achievers excelling in a number of areas and performing above national average. Our most recent national Educational Review (ERO) placed Marlborough Girls' College in the top 10% of high performing secondary schools in New Zealand. 

Marlborough Girls' College is one of just two high schools in the top of the south with a 4-5 year ERO review timeframe. Read the full Education Review Office Report

At Marlborough Girls' College we offer our learners a world of opportunities and support to enable them to fly:

- Rich learning environment that promotes curiosity and creativity, 
- Effective teaching: Powerful learning - personalised learning focused to meet individual needs, strenghts and passions,
- Connected learning - working with local businesses, organisations and universities to offer pathways onto higher education here and overseas,  
- Guidance counselling team that cares for the wellbeing and health of each of our students,
- A broad education with a wide range of subject choices with specialist teachers, 
- ESOL programme to support your English development, 
- Support within class to ensure you are able to participate and progress your learning, 
- An immersive and integrated New Zealand experience. 
- A wide range of extra curricula activities such as music, sports and leadership for a well-rounded education.

Resolution of Complaints/Disputes

Resolution of Complaints/Disputes

1.Concern about the quality of education given by the Educational provider are directed to the NZQA. Hard copies of how to make such a complaint are availble in the International Students Room (S1). Find further information here:

2. Dispute Resolution Scheme (DRS) for concerns about any financial matters pertaining to the provision of education between the educational provider and the student/parent are made to Fairway Resolution Ltd through the / 0800 006675. This DRS process is the next step after all efforts negotiating with the educational provider have been unsuccessful. Download the form here: