International Short Stay Groups

What better way to get a taste of life and study in New Zealand than to join a short stay group visit!

Marlborough Girls' College welcomes enquiries about short term groups. Group visits can be anywhere from 2-8 weeks, and we can customise the programme to suit your needs:

  • Academic focus - join in with MGC classes with your own timetable*, includes ESOL classes. 
  • Study and Explore - join in with MGC classes and enjoy exploring the Marlborough region. 
  • English+ - we are surrounded by wonderful sporting and leisure facilities so we can build a wide range of programme to meet your needs. The English+ programme requires a minimum of 10 students and comprises ESOL lessons in the morning with the afternoon focused on developing a particular skill i.e. golf, rugby, tennis, sailing, environmental science.

We work closeley with our brother school, Marlborough Boys' College, so we can coordinate mixed groups across the two schools. 

All international students are placed in safe and supportive homestay environments which meet the requirements of the Code of Practice for Pastoral Care for International Students.  

*For shorter stays of 1-2 weeks all students are matched up with a buddy during their visit and they attend classes together. If individual students have particular areas of passion, we endeavour to match them to a buddy with similar interests. For longer stays of up to 5 weeks, all students are provided with their own individualised timetable allowing full integration into the New Zealand secondary school experience.

For further information, costings and general enquiries, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.