Kia Ora.

We are Abbie Davis and Isabella Kellahan, and we are your Manutaki Hauora (Health and Well-Being) for 2021. This year we look forward to working with students from all year levels and within our committee. In doing this we hope to support and guide students to be able to access support services within the school and in the wider community. 

At MGC, we strive for holistic wellbeing, based on the Whare Tapa Wha model of Hauora. Throughout 2021 we will be running different events and programmes that focus on all the aspects of Hauora. These include Pink Shirt Day, Gumboot Day and MGC’s very own Hauora week where we will collaborate with the wonderful Sports Manutaki and the rest of our incredible Manutaki team! With these events, we hope to promote health, happiness and wellbeing in our students.

A focus for us is to improve our support of the LGBTQIA+ community within our school by supporting the Spectrum queer youth support group. We will be working alongside the guidance counsellors Ms Saul and Ms Woods throughout the year to make MGC an inviting and safe place for all our amazing students here. 

Our goal for the year is to be friendly and open, so students feel they are able to come to us with anything that’s worrying them, and feel comfortable in knowing it can help others to do the same. A great resource for students is our school’s health and wellbeing pamphlet, which we hope to utilise in raising mental health awareness at MGC, and ensuring students receive the support they need. We strive to ensure MGC is a place where students can grow both mentally and physically, without concerns of what lies ahead. 

We’re both looking forward to an adventurous great 2021!

Thank you

Abbie Davis and Isabella Kellahan.