Mana Wahine

Mana Wahine is the theme running through MGC’s pastoral curriculum.  We support and encourage young women attending MGC to develop into lifelong learners who are confident, creative, connected and actively involved. 

PB4L (Positive Behaviour for learning) is the framework used by schools to develop initiatives that “support students to improve their behaviour, resilience and wellbeing”.  These initiatives help to create more positive home and school environments and deter bullying.  Mana Wahine has been developed out of this framework.

Mana Wahine demonstrate positive behaviour that enables learning and wellbeing for self and others.  Students can gain award points through demonstration of the expectations outlined below.

Below are the expectations that students and staff have agreed are important outside and inside the classroom.

Respect - Manaakitanga

  • Use polite and appropriate language
  • Be kind and considerate
  • Care for the environment

Achievement – Tutukitanga

  • Take ownership for your learning
  • Attend and participate
  • Give your best effort

Responsibility – Takohanga

  • Be prepared and punctual
  • Take pride in your appearance
  • Allow others to learn
  • Use devices appropriately


Wall Mural designed and created by staff and students in 2014 
as part of Spirit Week and the concept of Mana Wahine