KaitunaLucrezia Bradley 2019Heya, I’m Lucrezia Bradley the Kaituna House Prefect for 2019. Alongside my deputies, Riley Gladman, Bonnie-Lee Dippie and Aliah Newman, and with the support of Ms Pullin, we will do our utmost to make this a successful year for Kaituna and retain possession of the House Shield.

I'm enthusiastic, enjoy a little bit of a laugh, but I’m also dedicated to helping the young people at MGC reach their full potential. This year I will be supporting all Kaitunians to take every opportunity and to challenge themselves.

With my encouragement of maximum participation between students and staff, we as a house will promote sportsmanship and fair play. My goal is to start up a new ‘Kool Kahurangi Kaitunian Trophy’ to recognize participation, achievement and excellence within our House. This will give every student the opportunity to sparkle.

The Kaituna Committee will be promoting, encouraging participation and enhancing our community connections and house spirit.  We also have a few tricks up our sleeve, but a true magician never reveals their secrets. 

This year is going to be fantastic and I am thrilled for what is yet to come!

Lucrezia Bradley