Awatere Hannah Norton 2019

 Kia Ora everyone! I am Hannah Norton and I am extremely honoured to be the Awatere House Prefect this year! This year my two goals are to: firstly, to unite my House and create an inclusive culture; and secondly to redeem our 5 year winning streak by taking back the House Cup this year!!

My Awatere dream team this year includes the brilliant Miss Stratford who is our House Teacher. I also have three amazing deputies who will support me in all of our large endeavours to victory. The Awatere committee this year will have 13 dedicated Awatere whānau class representatives, who will help me get the word out about our many major and minor events that occur all throughout the year. Our job as a committee this year is to encourage as much participation as possible.

It doesn’t matter if we win or lose, at the end of the day as long as we know we have tried our best as a team, that’s all that matters!

Thanks, Hannah Norton