Houses at MGC are Awatere (red), Kaituna (blue), Ōpaoa (yellow) and Wairau (green). We select a House Manutaki for each house every year and House Deputies are elected by the House at the beginning of the year. To find out more about any individual house or their House Manutaki for this year, click on the flag below.

Awatereflagweb      Kaituna flag    Opawa Flag     Wairau flag 
 Awatere (red)  Kaituna (blue)  Ōpaoa (yellow)  Wairau (green)

All students and staff are members of a House, and they are encouraged to participate in as many House activities as possible.  Most whanau classes are made up of students from one house, with some whanau classes comprising students of two houses.                  

Throughout the year we run a series of Inter-House Competitions from February to November and this means a lively and fun competition between houses which helps to build involvement and team work.  Some examples include the swimming sports, athletic sports, cross country, House Drama and House Choir Competitions.  House points are awarded for participation and to winners.  

 The Champion House for 2020
 (Winner of the Rickard Shield) was


Well done to each and every student and staff member who participated in House events this year and helped to make it such a close competition.