Living with a New Zealand family is a great way to immerse yourself in the culture and language. 

international-1Marlborough Girls' College have wonderful homestay families who warmly welcome students into their lives - connecting the world with New Zealand families. They provide warm and caring home environment to ensure that your daughter settles into New Zealand life, makes new friends, has the opportunity to explore and join in with sport, and thrives at school.  Living with a homestay family gives your daughter a fantastic chance to join in with the day to day life of the host family, and their activities during the weekends and the school holidays. They in turn will look forward to learning all about her culture and what is important to her. 

Our Homestay Coordinator carefully selects each homestay family to suit the student, so it's important that you highlight all your likes, dislikes and preferences on your application form. We have families who live in town, in the countryside, with horses, those that like to ski or sail, those with pets and some without etc. 

All long term international students will have a room of their own.  

We ensure that all our homestay families are police vetted and that we visit the homes regularly. Workshops and meetings for the homestay families are run every term. 

If you would like to open you home to host an international student, please contact us for details: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Living with a Relative or Close Friend (DCG)
Arranged by the student's family, this must meet the requirements of the Code of Practice. The adult taking responsibility for the student will meet with the International Director and maintain regular contact with her. The student's parents will sign an agreement indicating that this person has the authority to make decisions on their behalf regarding the student's welfare in New Zealand.

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Hosting an International student is as great way to share our culture with someone from overseas and to see things from a different viewpoint.

Quickly your student goes from being a guest in your house to part of the family. We always include our student in our family activities and plan 3 or 4 special weekends away with her as we want to show her she is welcomed and loved in her new home.

We enjoy seeing our host daughter grow in confidence during the year and are always sad to see her go when the year is finished.

As a family we find hosting a rewarding and positive experience. Our daughter has enjoyed the friendship and host sister role and both girls get to experience and share their cultures and make friends for the future.

Scott and Wendy Cresswell