Living with a New Zealand family is a great way to immerse yourself in the culture and language. 

international-1Marlborough Girls' College have wonderful, caring families who would like to extend an invitation to your daughter to stay with them and learn about the New Zealand way of life. They will make sure that she settles in, makes new friends and also offer her support and guidance. She will get the chance to join in with the day to day life of the host family, and their activities during the weekends and the school holidays. They in turn will look forward to learning all about her culture and what is important to her. Your daughter will also, with the special effort of her host parents, be given help to improve on her English skills knowing that she is in a friendly and safe environment.

Some often asked questions...

What if she has allergies to cats or dogs?

  • We will make sure that we find her a homestay that does not have animals.

Will she have to share a room?

  • No, she will have her own room.

Can she bring her own laptop?

  • No problem. Just make sure that she has the correct adapters as the plugs in NZ are likely to be different from home.


Hosting an International student is as great way to share our culture with someone from overseas and to see things from a different viewpoint.

Quickly your student goes from being a guest in your house to part of the family. We always include our student in our family activities and plan 3 or 4 special weekends away with her as we want to show her she is welcomed and loved in her new home.

We enjoy seeing our host daughter grow in confidence during the year and are always sad to see her go when the year is finished.

As a family we find hosting a rewarding and positive experience. Our daughter has enjoyed the friendship and host sister role and both girls get to experience and share their cultures and make friends for the future.

Scott, Wendy and Jess Cresswell



My name is Carol. My husband Jock and I have been home hosting for many years. We have a grown up family and grandchildren. We first started hosting when our children left home and started to travel. We were very interested in other cultures and hosting students is a great way to learn about other countries.

We have been very lucky over the years as we have had many wonderful girls stay with us. It is very rewarding watching the girls English improve over the year and also watching them gain confidence as they meet new challenges and meet new friends. The girls have many opportunities to experience new things. At the moment our two girls are involved in Jazz, basketball, badminton, music, tramping and cycling. Both of our girls have made friends with Kiwi girls and enjoy their friendship. We are lucky enough to be able to host two girls from different countries and they become host sisters. Over the year they become very close and most of the girls have kept their friendship going over the years.

Our most treasured memory is having one of our girls visit us again after she had finished her University. She spent a week with us and also visited Marlborough Girls' College to see some of her old teachers. It was a very special time for us all. We also enjoy hosting the girl's family during their time with us. We are lucky to be able to keep in touch through emails. Food is also an important part of the girls time with us. They enjoy their food and it is a wonderful way to get to know the girls as they help in the kitchen to prepare the meals and also make muffins and cookies!!

We have found it a very rewarding experience.

Carol Dodds - Host Mother