MGC Swimming Sports

MGC Swimming Sports held on Tuesday 30 March 2021Swimmingsports2021

Age Group Champions


1st Sioobhan Keay (Ōpaoa)
2nd Meg Flanagan (Awatere)
3rd Mya Wiapo (Wairau)


1st  Minnette Richards (Awatere) - set 3 records
2nd Jessica Bennett (Ōpaoa)
3rd Lexi Timpson (Ōpaoa)


1st Zoe Adams (Wairau)
2nd Jessica Bennett (Ōpaoa)
3rd Hazel Glover (Kaituna)


1st Kyla Thorstensen (Kaituna) - set 4 records
2nd Jessica Lovell (Kaituna)
3rd Eliza Glover (Kaituna) 

 Swimmingsports2021 2


House Points

Congratulations to Awatere who took the competition out scoring 599 points on the day, followed closely by Kaituna with 574 points, Wairau 392 points and Ōpaoa with 367 points.