Cross Country Results

It was another perfect day for the annual "Great Race" on Wednesday 8 May 2019 as students and staff took to the hills to run (or walk!) the 3 km course at the Wither Hills Farm Park.

Under 14    
1st Lexi Timpson (Ōpaoa)           13.47
2nd Delyth James-Sitters (Kaituna)           14.28
3rd Brianna Livingstone (Kaituna) 14.49
Under 15    
1st Charlotte Westend (Awatere) 13.32
2nd Abbey Moody (Kaituna) 14.15
3rd Licu Marra (Wairau 14.42
Under 16    
1st Lucy Harman (Awatere) 12.08
2nd Pippa Bishop (Ōpaoa) 13.09
3rd Kennedy Florence (Ōpaoa) 14.20
Under 19    
1st Holly Blake (Awatere) 12.40
2nd Shanay Harvey (Awatere) 13.02
3rd Ella Donald (Wairau 13.13

House points

In the highly contested House competition where students, staff and caregivers earned points for competing in the run or walk, and top 3 finishers in each age group as well as the best 3 person and 6 person finishers from each house in the run, Awatere narrowly came out on top followed by the improving Wairau house.

1st       Awatere       502 points
2nd Wairau 470 points
3rd Ōpaoa 396 points
4th Kaituna 378 points