School Council

SchoolCouncil Shannon McLean 2019Kia ora, I am Shannon McLean and I’m Head of the School Council this year.  My role is to ensure that the student voice is heard and can be used to inspire change. We are always looking to improve here at MGC and the Student Council is our platform to accomplish this. I look forward to working with everyone this year and making MGC a great place to learn, thrive and achieve amazing things!

This year the Student Council is going to be Action Focused.  We are going to ensure the Student Council is made up of a diverse range of students from all year levels.  We are also working towards changing the Community Class Challenge so that it can involve the whole school and for it to enhance our community connections.

It is important to me that we all feel like we belong here at Marlborough Girls’ College, so we are continuing events such as the Expo Day - which is an opportunity for students to join clubs, committees, sports and cultural groups of their choosing - over 30 different opportunities available! We look forward to Youth Week in May and this year’s theme is, ‘We are more than you see’. Youth week consists of a week of activities which enables students to prove that they are more than what we see, because each one of us is different, special and amazing! 

We plan this year to encourage all students at Marlborough Girls’ College to take every opportunity to enrich their time here and grow them into strong, compassionate and resilient people.

See you around the school, Shannon McLean, Head of School Council 2019