Manutaki6 2020Kia Ora, we are privileged to be MGC’s Manutaki Hauora (Health and Well-being Prefects) for 2020. We are Elizabeth Solly, Holly Black and Cheyenne Locke and this year we will be working closely with a committee of students from all year levels to ensure all students know how to access support services within our school and in the outside community. 

Throughout the school year we will be running programmes and events to promote health, happiness and wellbeing for all students. Days like these could include, Pink Shirt Day, Gumboot day and our schools very own Hauora week in collaboration with the Sports Manutaki and the rest of the Manutaki team.  As well as these events, we will work alongside our wonderful guidance counsellors Ms Saul and Ms Woods throughout the year to make MGC an inviting, enjoyable place for all the amazing students here. 

We also hope to promote mental health awareness at MGC with our new health and wellbeing pamphlet created last year. Our goal is to be a friendly and inviting face around the school so that any girls can feel comfortable to come and talk to us in the hope others can do the same. 

We look forward to a great 2020!

Thank You

Elizabeth Solly, Holly Blake and Cheyenne Locke