Academic Prizegiving

Dux 2019The 2019 Senior Academic Prizegiving was held on Wednesday 30 October - Marlborough Girls' College extend their congratulations to all recipients of awards and acknowledge their hard work in achieving these goals. 


Sophie Woodhouse

Proxime Accessit

Kylie Linthwaite

Premiere Awards

The Bartlett Cup for Merit in Class and Field - Sophie Woodhouse

Crawford Cup for Outstanding Achievement in Academia, Sport and Leadership - Sophie Whittall

The Fulton Cup for All Round Endeavour Year 13 - Ghananta Duppati

JE Barker Award for Dignity, Sincerity and Consideration for others - Sophie Whittall

The Principal's Award for the Head Girl, for outstanding service and leadership in all aspects of College Life - Sophie Whittall

Full details from 2019 Senior Academic Prizegiving available here.

2019 Junior Academic Prizegiving results here